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Amorphex Therapeutics LLC was founded in 2010 by Edward & Jeanne Ellis, Charles Leahy and Robert Thompson. Amorphex was created to develop and license products for sustained ophthalmic drug delivery using the TODDD™ technology developed by Vista Scientific LLC, a prior ophthalmic development company founded by Ed, Jeanne and Charles.

The TODDD™ technology platform is an ocular insert for sustained delivery of drugs to the eye. This patented insert is based on controlled delivery polymer systems and a unique product design utilizing advanced comfort and stability features. In addition to the matrix materials that are used for controlled delivery, the TODDD™ device is also able to incorporate relatively large drug depots for the delivery of specific drugs. This affords the ability to deliver multiple drugs simultaneously.

Vista Scientific’s TODDD™ development has been funded in part by several NIH-SBIR grants. The project has completed its third phase of NIH funding, and the $2.5 million it has received from these grants has supported basic development through safety studies, animal trials and human proof of concept testing.  From this base Amorphex is now independently pursuing additional development activities, e.g. analytical research, process development, preclinical evaluation, in vitro and in vivo evaluations of various drugs, etc.  Amorphex is currently seeking strategic partnering/licensing opportunities and continues to solicit drug candidates that would benefit from sustained topical delivery across the range of 3 to 90+ days.

Amorphex currently has laboratory and office facilities in Andover, MA. The company also has additional facilities at the Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center, or M2D2 Center at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell, where its lab space consists of a chemical lab capable of monomer purification, material polymerization, drug handling, analytical evaluations and small quantity cast molding. The M2D2 Center also provides direct access to prototype tool production, lathing & injection molding.

Management Team

Amorphex Therapeutics has brought together a product development and management team with extensive experience in ophthalmic products. This team has worked together in the past and has developed and successfully launched numerous ophthalmic products for Bausch and Lomb. The Amorphex management team consists of:

Robert Thompson
President & CEO
Bob has over 25 years of marketing and operational executive experience in medical product markets. In addition to extensive experience in ophthalmic markets, he has been involved in start-up projects ranging from a device for GI closures to a fertility testing product.  He was formerly a corporate officer of Bausch & Lomb and president of Polymer Technology Corporation. He joined Polymer Technology in its early, venture capital financed stage prior to acquisition by Bausch & Lomb. There he held various sales and marketing executive positions with the company during its sustained growth to become the world’s leading provider of gas permeable contact lens products. Independent of B&L he has also acted as the intermediary in the sale of several ophthalmic product lines. Bob is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Management and of Harvard Business School PMD.

Kathryn Crawford, Ph.D.                                                                                              

Vice President of Regulatory and Quality

Dr. Crawford has over 25 years of experience in early stage biotech and pharmaceutical development, particularly in eye diseases,​ holding senior positions in both academia and industry.  She has managed numerous preclinical development programs while providing her expertise in animal studies and ocular disease models. As principal investigator, she has been awarded multiple NIH Small Business Innovation Research grants and has been selected numerous times to serve on NIH SBIR review committees as an expert panelist reviewer. She has also authored over 30 publications in  peer-reviewed journals and has been invited to present her research at various national and international conferences.  Dr. Crawford holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology, both from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Edward Ellis, Ph.D.
Vice President, Technology
Dr. Ellis brings to Amorphex over 25 years of ophthalmic product development experience and is inventor of over 30 US issued patents. He is responsible for creating over a dozen ophthalmic products with combined revenues in the billions of dollars. Dr. Ellis worked as Senior Vice President of Science and Technology for Bausch & Lomb. He was also a cofounder of Polymer Technology Corporation that was later acquired by Bausch & Lomb. Dr. Ellis founded Vista Scientific in 1997 to develop novel ophthalmic products. He completed his Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. in Polymer Science at the University of Massachusetts.

Charles Leahy, OD, MS
Vice President, Clinical Affairs
Dr. Leahy brings to Amorphex his demonstrated clinical expertise in the development of ophthalmic products. He has been an investigator in more than 60 clinical studies of developmental ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and devices. And he has consulted and co-managed new technology/product programs with the product development teams at Bausch & Lomb. Dr. Leahy is also a co-founder of Vista Scientific. He received his Doctor of Optometry degree from New England College of Optometry and a Masters in Physiological Optics from University of California at Berkeley. As an Instructor in Ophthalmology, Dr. Leahy provides patient care and resident training several days a week at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary of Harvard Medical School.

 Jeanne Ellis, MS
Manager, Chemical Research
Ms. Ellis brings to Amorphex over 25 years of experience in ophthalmic product development. She is inventor of over 10 US issued patents and has contributed to the development of over a dozen contact lens and solution products. Ms Ellis has worked as a senior scientist for Bausch & Lomb. She is also a cofounder Vista Scientific. Ms. Ellis received her Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from National Taiwan University and double Masters Degrees in Polymer Science and Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

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